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The bookstore is open in-store this week from 10am-4pm.

COVID-19 UPDATE (Updated July 28th)


Q: Is the Cumberland University Bookstore open?

A: At this time, the Cumberland University Bookstore will continue to process and ship orders daily and is scheduled to open in-store to the public from January 19th - February 12th.

Q: What safety measures are being taken in-store?
A: Sneezeguards have been installed at each register. Staff are required to wear masks, and customers will be encouraged to wear masks while shopping in-store. X's have been placed on the floor to promote social distancing. Counters and credit card pinpads will be sanitized throughout each day.

Q: What are the safest ordering options?
A: The safest options are as follows: order online and ship directly to your address for FREE on all orders until January 24th or pickup in-store for FREE from January 19th - February 12th. Your course materials will be shipped upon receipt of order, or if you choose to pick up in-store, books will be bagged together by order for a quick-and-easy pickup.

Q: Can I shop in-store?
Yes, please note you are encouraged to wear masks and stand on the X's placed on the floor to promote social distancing when picking up an order or ordering books at the concierge counter in-store. The Cumberland University Bookstore will be set up to have a one-way entrance at the regular front door and exit through the Phoenix Nest to reduce contact as much as possible.