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TextSolutions Inclusive Access Program

IA Program

Welcome to the TextSolutions Inclusive Access program, designed to provide affordable access to required course materials for all students. This innovative program allows students to access digital course materials on the first day of class, ensuring they have the resources they need to succeed at a reduced cost.
TextSolutions Inclusive Access also benefits faculty by providing access to real-time data on student engagement to improve student outcomes. By offering a more affordable and accessible solution to course materials, we aim to enhance the educational experience for all CU students.

How it works

The program starts with faculty members selecting the course materials for their courses. Once the materials are selected, the CU Shop partners with publishers or vendors to negotiate a discounted price. 

When a student registers for a class that utilizes the IA program, the materials are made available to students before or on the first day of class, and a course material charge is placed on their student account. 

Benefits for Students:

  • Access to course materials on the first day of class, increasing their ability to prepare and engage in their studies.

  • Cost savings, as the TextSolutions Inclusive Access programs typically offer course materials at a lower cost than traditional methods.

  • Use financial aid to cover the cost of textbooks.
  • Increased success rates and improved academic performance due to timely and easy access to course materials.

Benefits for Faculty:

  • Access to a range of digital tools to enhance instruction and improve student engagement

  • Reduced administrative burden through the program's support services and management of course materials

  • Opportunity to customize course materials to meet specific teaching and learning needs


How much much do textbooks in the TextSolutions Inclusive Access program cost? 

The TextSolutions Inclusive Access fee for a course will vary depending on the specific course materials included in the program and what price the bookstore has negotiated with the publisher. Typically, course materials used in an IA program will be at a highly discounted price.

How do I pay for TextSolutions Inclusive Access? 

The cost of TextSolutions Inclusive Access is automatically added to your tuition or course fees, and you will pay for it through your student account. 

What does “opting out" mean?

To opt out of the TextSolutions Inclusive Access program means to decline the option to participate. If you opt out, you will still need to obtain the required course materials through other means, such as purchasing or renting them elsewhere.

How do I opt out of the IA program?

To opt-out, you must log into Canvas, go to the course you wish to opt out of, and select the box “Opt Out of IA Program” before the add/drop date. You must repeat this process separately for each course that is a part of the IA program.   

Do I still need to opt-out if I drop a course?

No. If you have already dropped the course by the add/drop date, you will automatically be opted out of the IA program and will not be charged. 

*Students who drop after the add/drop date will be charged with no refunds. 

Can I opt back in if I opted out by mistake?

Yes. To opt back in, you must log into Canvas, go to the course you opted out of, and select the box “Opt Into IA Program” before the add/drop date.   

Day 1 Ready Course Materials Access & Opt-Out Walkthrough

1. Access your course

2. Click on “VitalSource Course Material”, and please make sure that the course names match.

3. If you wish to opt out, click the "Want to opt-out?" button and select a reason for opting out in the dropdown box. 

4. To complete the opt-out process, confirm by clicking the "Opt Out" button.