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Rental Returns

How do I return my rental?
It’s easy. The CU Shop does not require a receipt. Return your rentals at the end of the semester to the CU Shop or mail them to:

CU Shop, ATTN: Rental Returns, 1 Cumberland Square, Lebanon, TN 37087

**Please make sure your contact information is located in the package.**

What if I don’t return my rental?
The CU Shop will charge the debit/credit card that is on file the difference in how much was paid for the rental minus the purchase price plus a $5/rental late fee.
Did you get the books I returned?
When rentals are returned, you will receive an emailed receipt showing they are returned.
What if I need to extend my rental? 
Please contact the CU Shop to pay the upcoming semester's rental fee.
What if I want to keep my book? 
Please contact the CU Shop to let us know that you want to keep the book. The CU Shop has a Rental+ Program meaning the full rental price paid will be applied to the purchase price if you want to keep your book. For example, if the rental price is $25 and the purchase price is $75, you would pay $50 to keep the book.
What if I lost or damaged my rentals?
Students are required to pay the difference in how much was paid for the rental price minus the purchase price.

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